Performance & versatility

Effective solutions for wall, floor and below the ground.

The high level of performance achieved by aircrete blocks, combined with an extensive product range, ensures that cost effective solutions for wall, floor and below ground constructions can be achieved.

Fire resistant

All aircrete blocks provide excellent fire protection. They are classified as A1, non-combustible in accordance with BS EN 771-4.

Thermal performance

Aircrete blocks offer high levels of thermal performance that satisfy the requirements of Building Regulations and the needs of builders and designers.

Aircrete thermal and mosture resistance performance

Moisture resistant

Aircrete blocks provide good resistance to the passage of moisture. Independent tests have indicated that aircrete blocks make water penetration extremely difficult.

Frost resistance

The micro-cellular structure of aircrete, incorporating millions of pockets of trapped air, gives the material protection against the effects of frost.

Durable and strong

Aircrete products are very strong as well as lightweight and may be used in loadbearing walls for a structurally sound building.

Aircrete blocks in detail


Aircrete blocks are lightweight allowing for a one hand lift. They can also be sawn, chiselled, drilled and chased using ordinary hand tools. Aircrete blocks provide an excellent background for the use of internal and external finishes, from plaster and render to painting or tiling.


Aircrete blocks are an extremely versatile building material. They can provide cost effective solutions for wall, floor and below ground construction and can be used on residential and commercial developments.

Energy efficient aircrete's high level of thermal performance.

Aircrete's high level of thermal performance means U-value requirements are met more easily, reducing or eliminating the need for additional insulation, producing significant cost savings. A complete insulation solution is achievable using Aircrete blocks. Aircrete's inherent thermal qualities provide a highly effective barrier against the penetration of moisture and frost. When combined with a suspended beam and Aircrete block floor, they can achieve a possible 40% saving in floor U-values. Building with Aircrete gives greater scope to build thermally efficient warm houses that exceed the requirements of the current Building Regulations.

Aircrete properties

  • Fire resistant
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Moisture resistant
  • Frost resistant
  • Durable and strong

Aircrete workability

  • One hand lift
  • Easily worked
  • Easily fixed to
  • Easily finished

Aircrete versatility

  • Provide solutions for wall, floor and below ground construction
  • Suitable for residential and commercial developments
  • A number of internal and external finishes can be applied
  • Aircrete construction allows for changes to be made

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