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Second CDL Handbook is Published

The UK Aircrete Association is made up of the leading aircrete manufacturers in the UK, and the website represents an expression of their combined expertise and understanding.

Mark Oliver, Chairman of the APA summarises: “Even after 30 years there can still be some confusion and misunderstanding of what aircrete is and how it performs.  The simplest way to address this issue is to produce unbiased standard information on the material – this is what our new website does.”

The benefits of using them are that:

  • They contain a complete set of junctions needed to construct a dwelling allowing optimum thermal bridging performance to be achieved. They match the ones currently featured in Appendix K of SAP 2009 with clear and simple drawings, easy to follow examples for achieving the desired psi-values, checklists for use on site and guidance on the amount of insulation needed
  • They are future proofed - providing a range of U values for the plain elements to meet current and future performance all the way up to Passivhaus standards
  • The E and P numbers commonly used in SAP software are provided
  • They use generic products allowing supply chain flexibility and consequent best costs

We would welcome your feedback on both the Handbooks via a survey we have created. It can be completed by logging onto:

All completed surveys will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 gift voucher!

To download both handbooks log onto the CDL website

Download the Q & A, Thermal Bridging and Thermal Modelling


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