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Third CDL Handbook is Published

Constructive Details Limited (CDL), a joint venture by the BBA and Robust Details Ltd (RDL), has launched its third handbook of masonry detail junctions developed for the Aircrete Products Association whose members include H+H UK, Hanson, Thomas Armstrong and Quinn Lite.

The publication of the latest Constructive Details handbook for solid external walls completes the set for aircrete blocks, with the common constructions of partial fill, full fill and externally insulated solid walls all now being covered. It is available for download free of charge, along with the other handbooks, via a dedicated “Resources” page on the CDL website.

The benefits of using Constructive Details are that:

1. They contain a complete set of junctions needed to construct a dwelling allowing optimum thermal bridging performance to be achieved. They match the ones currently featured in Appendix K of SAP 2009 with clear and simple drawings, easy to follow examples for achieving the desired psi-values, checklists for use on site and guidance on the amount of insulation needed

2. They are future proofed - providing a range of U values for the plain elements to meet current and future performance all the way up to Passivhaus standards

3. The E and P numbers commonly used in SAP software are provided

4. They use generic products allowing supply chain flexibility and consequent best costs

It should also be noted that the Aircrete Products Association considers the old APA Construction Details (first published in 2008 and last issued as Version 2.2 August 2010) as being obsolete and superseded by the new Constructive Details.
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To download all three handbooks log onto the CDL website


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