Constructive Details

The simplest and most cost-effective way to minimise thermal bridging is to use high performance construction details for key junctions such as those that occur at lintels, party walls, ground floors etc. The Aircrete Products Association has developed a comprehensive set of such details that are freely available to download below…

These use materials readily available at builders’ merchants and each detail has its own calculated heat loss rating (psi value) for use in the SAP/SBEM Part L compliance tools and is accompanied by a simple 2D drawing showing how it should be constructed.

Use of high performance Aircrete construction details, offers a straightforward means of optimising thermal performance, particularly when compared to the alternative option of using the default thermal bridging value in SAP/SBEM, which may result in heat loss from junctions that is up to 60% higher.

Constructive Details – Partial Fill    

Constructive Details – Full Fill

Constructive Details – Solid Wall