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LABC Registered Construction Details

01 Aug 2015

The LABC have recently released Registered Construction Details to help and support builders by providing standard designs and specifications for the construction of junctions, ensuring thermal performance throughout the build. The APA is pleased to support this initiative for the construction of masonry homes.  

Aircrete Manufacturing Acts On Demand For New Housing

02 Feb 2015

There is much current debate around the need to build 200,000 homes per annum to satisfy the country’s growing demand, regardless of the mix between private and social housing. It is the number agreed by all interested parties on the levels of housing needed to begin reducing the waiting list for UK homes. 

Second CDL Handbook Is Published

21 Sep 2014

The UK Aircrete Association is made up of the leading aircrete manufacturers in the UK, and the website represents an expression of their combined expertise and understanding.

Third CDL Handbook Is Published

21 Sep 2014

Constructive Details Limited (CDL), a joint venture by the BBA and Robust Details Ltd (RDL), has launched its third handbook of masonry detail junctions developed for the Aircrete Products Association whose members include H+H UK, Hanson, Thomas Armstrong and Quinn Lite.