Health and Safety Awards

The two Health and Safety Awards give member companies the opportunity to celebrate achievements throughout their workforce and to share best practice throughout the industry.

Health and Safety

The judges reviewed the following:

  • Description of the problem
  • Recommendations/actions
  • Evidence – LTIs, LTIFRs
  • Cost/benefit statement
  • Steps taken to maintain improvement
  • Pre and post risk assessments
  • High Resolution images
  • Summary, structured into Task, Problem, Solution & Result

Health and Safety Award Winners

2019 Award Winner

<250 employees - Beresford's Flooring for Brilliant Ideas, The Safety Net Rescue System

Highly Commended: Quinn Building Products, Bed Saw Health and Safety Enhancement Project

After a tragedy on a construction site, Brilliant Ideas recognised a very serious deficiency in site safety plans relating to safety nets. If someone has fallen into a safety net and is unable to retrieve themselves, then recovery from the safety net is a slow, perilous procedure. Brilliant Ideas’ system includes a lightweight inflatable airbag which can inflate to a recovery height of two and a half metres in less than two minutes.

>250 employees - Creagh Concrete, Safe Erection of Precast Panels

Highly Commended: Bison: a Forterra Brand, HAVWEAR Implementation

Many vibratory tools are in use on site at Bison Precast, and with only paper logging of tool time as a control measure. The solution for Bison was to invest in a highly sophisticated piece of technology, HAVWEAR, that enabled a reduction in vibration exposure. The tech is very user friendly, easy to wear and doesn’t get in the way of the task being performed.

The below projects are shortlisted in our Best Practice Health and Safety Awards:

2019 shortlisted companies with more than 250 employees

  • Aggregate Industries - Suppressing the Enemy
  • Bison Precast: a Forterra Brand - HAVWEAR Implementation
  • Bison Precast: a Forterra Brand - Tilt Table Safety Improvements
  • Creagh Concrete Products - Safe Erection of Precast Panels
  • FP McCann - LEV Upgrade Employee Safety
  • Marshalls - Mortar POD Truck Cleaning Project

2019 shortlisted companies with less than 250 employees

  • Bereford's Flooring for Brilliant Ideas - The Safety Net Rescue System
  • Quinn Precast - Bed Saw Health and Safety Enhancement Project
  • ROCO Concrete Machinery - T-Beam/Lintel Wire Cutter
  • Stanton Bonna - New RAPID Batching Plant and Concrete Delivery System
  • Stanton Bonna - 'Gully Grab' Lifting Accessory

For further information on the above projects, download our 2019 Annual Review

2018 Award Winner

Creagh Concrete Products, General Improvements in Prestressing Operations

The project submitted by Creagh Concrete represents a comprehensive review of their stressing operations resulting in an exemplary standard of engineering control over noise and RCS combined with improved visibility and protection for prestressing operations. The improvements to the Roco Multiangle Saws reduce noise at source, removing operator reliance on PPE and the introduction of high visibility bed covers decrease the likelihood of any breach of the exclusion zone while stressing operations are taking place.

The 2018 shortlisted entries for this award were as follows:

  • Tarmac - Aircrete Void Guard
  • Aggregate Industries - Thinking Outside the Confined Space
  • Brett Landscaping - Safe Work at Height Access for Cuber Maintenance
  • Brett Landscaping - Safe High-Level Access to Rekers 2 Curing Chamber LPG Burners
  • Brett Landscaping - Penta Chute Wear Plates

For further information on the above projects, download our 2018 Annual Review

2017 Award Winners

<250 employees - Beresford's Flooring for Brilliant Ideas, The Hole System for Marking, Drilling, Plugging and Sealing

With a new lightweight system named ‘The Hole System’, a number of operations to the underside of Hollowcore floors can now be completed from ground level. This has reduced working at height, repetitive strain risks, exposure to dust and alkaline drilling wash water, and other risks associated with the regular assembly and moving of access equipment.

>250 employees - Brett Landscaping and Building Products, Improvements to Shot Blast Pallet Transfer Conveyor

Creating a combined scrap handling system and improvements to the pallet transfer conveyor have drastically reduced gate access frequencies and exposures in both scrap and pallet areas for Fork lifts and personnel alike. In addition, reduced manual handling and improved posture during work, with reductions in twisting and reaching, have also been recorded.

This award provides a mechanism for companies and the wider sector to celebrate the positive influence and impact that individuals and teams have made to create safer and healthier workplaces.

2017 shortlisted companies with 250 or more employees

  • Aggregate Industries - At Home with a Vacuum Dust Reduction Program
  • Brett Landscaping and Building Products - Improvements to Shot Blast Pallet Transfer Conveyor
  • Forterra Building Products - Improvements to Mixer and Weigh Bin Wash System
  • Forterra Building Products - Slurry Tank Improvement Projects

2017 shortlisted companies with fewer than 250 employees

  • Beresford Flooring - Brilliant Ideas - 'The Hole System' for Marking, Drilling, Plugging and Sealing
  • Longley Concrete - Improved Wire Dispenser Eyelet Design
  • Stanton Bonna Concrete - New Gully Lifter Design To Reduce Risk
  • Stanton Bonna Concrete - Reducing Installation Risks with New Pipe Pusher

For further information on the above projects, download our 2017 Annual Review

The 2017 Health and Safety Award was sponsored by Forterra

2016 Award Winner

Forterra, Safe Stressing

Notwithstanding a high score on their mandatory safe stressing audit by British Precast, Forterra looked for other ways of improving safety during stressing operations, and came up with a number of further improvements worthy of consideration by companies engaged in similar activities.

Improvements to Safe systems of work, additional safeguards against potential problems and additional protection from wire slippages combined to produced even higher levels of Safety.

Highly Commended: Longley Concrete, Improve Handling Precast Products
Highly Commended: Brett Landscaping and Building Products, Redesign Of Mould Carrier Casings

The 2016 shortlisted entries for this award were as follows:

  • Forterra - Safe Stressing
  • Longley Concrete - To Improve Handling Precast Products
  • Brett, Cliffe - Redesign of Mould Carrier Casings to Allow Safer Removal of Poles and Carrier
  • Brett, Pocklington - Pocklington Patio Project Pack Build Automation
  • Sterling Services - Sterling Services Factory Improvement Works

For further information on the above projects download our 2016 Annual Review

The 2016 Health and Safety Award was sponsored by Croner

2015 Award Winner 

Aggregate Industries, Load Security

This was a partnership project that addressed a long-standing high risk issue which effects both worker and public safety. Two guides – Voided Loads and Non-Voided Loads were produced and launched. All haulage companies and drivers have to be audited and trained drivers are awarded a Passport before being able to work on AI sites. Risks to road users have thus been reduced based on effective partnership working.

Highly Commended: Simplex Machine Noise Reduction was Stanton Bonna Concrete.

The 2015 shortlisted entries for this award were as follows:

  • Brett Landscaping and Building Products - Improved Traffic Management System Deliver Safer Site
  • Brett Landscaping and Building Products - Tipping Vehicles Safety - Do's and Don'ts
  • Charcon Construction Solutions - Don't Walk
  • Longley Concrete - Pedestrian Walkway
  • Marshalls - Vehicle Safety Improvements
  • Aggregate Industries - Load Security
  • Stanton Bonna Concrete - Simplex Machine Noise Reduction

For further information on the above projects, download our 2015 Annual Review

The 2015 Health and Safety Award was sponsored by Megasteel Ltd