A Little Look at our 'Little Green Book'

2 Jun 2020

LGBOC-Coming-Soon.pngIn 2019 British Precast updated ‘A Little Book of Concrete’ which is available to download from the British Precast website. The pocket-sized book outlines what precast concrete can offer the architect, the engineer, the client, the financier and the insurer by summarising one hundred advantages of using the material.

Now in 2020 it is the turn of ‘The Little Green Book of Concrete’ to receive an update and help to outline just how important precast concrete can be in the battle to reduce constructions impact on the environment. The ‘Little Books’ have been so popular that they are translated into multiple languages and accessed across the world. This popularity means that for this update we are teaming up with BIBM (European Federation for Precast Concrete) to make sure that The Little Green Book of Concrete applies Europe wide. Drafting meetings are currently in full swing via video conferencing and we anticipate The Little Green Book being published in the second half of the year.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic climate change was, and in many ways still is, the greatest challenge our generation faces. We think that precast concrete can make a positive contribution to the sustainability of our planet. The Little Green Book will cover a range of topics including precast’s low carbon footprint, resilience to climate change and it’s benefits to the local and regional circular economy.