British Precast welcomes UK Concrete’s ‘Beyond Net Zero carbon’ framework announcement

22 Jun 2020

British Precast is the trade association for precast concrete manufacturers and members of the supply chain. The main aims of the federation are to promote precast concrete in the construction market; to disseminate information through a range of industry representation and by shared knowledge, and to add value to its member companies.

British Precast welcomes the UK concrete industry’s decision to develop and adopt a new carbon roadmap to deliver a ‘net negative’ industry by 2050. The announcement means the concrete industry is not only committing to meet the UK target of ‘Net Zero’ by 2050 but is also committing to removing more carbon from the atmosphere than the industry emits each year.

EajgAAEXkAMha7n.jpgPhil Cox, Director of British Precast, described the announcement as a gamechanger in the fight against ‘Climate Change’ which British Precast fully endorses. Phil Cox advised “Over the last 13 years, the precast concrete sector has showed extraordinary leadership in committing to, and delivering, carbon reduction targets. Since our Sustainability Strategy scheme was first launched in 2017/18, our manufacturing carbon emissions dropped by 43%, our members’ consumption of water went down by 40% and our usage of fossil fuel went down by 26%”. British Precast currently run one of the largest and most comprehensive environmental auditing programmes in the UK’s construction products sector. In 2017, British Precast also launched an initiative to help their members deliver certified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), a major requirement for the construction industry. Today, most members of British Precast are covered by generic or company specific certified EPDs.

British Precast have already started planning for the post-2020 era, with new strategy targets and objectives to address the changing Sustainability landscape. Phil Cox noted that the precast sector is better placed than any other sector to achieve such objectives. “This is due to our earlier investment in assessment, benchmarking and auditing systems that currently cover the vast majority of precast concrete manufactured in Great Britain and Northern Ireland” added Mr Cox, “UK Concrete’s announcement, and upcoming Roadmap, will be at the heart of our new strategy”.


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