Precast Sector Publishes New Sustainability Report

8 Apr 2021

The precast concrete sector’s sustainability report for 2020, published today, shows significant progress across most key performance indicator targets, including carbon.  

British Precast has published the 2020 edition of “Sustainability Matters”, the sector’s sustainability performance report. The report, which is based on 2019 data, reveal that our Charter 2020 targets for factory energy consumption, carbon emissions, factory waste, LTIFR and coverage by quality & environmental management systems, have all been met one year early.  

Data reveal that precast factory operations are becoming greener and significantly more efficient. Precast factories are generating less waste, using less energy and emitting significantly less carbon compared to 2012. Since 2012, factory waste has dropped by more than 50%. The precast sector’s sustainability report also reveals a significant rise in the use of renewable energy. 10% of all energy used in concrete block production was from renewable sources. A sixth of all energy used in making architectural and structural precast was also renewable. Precast factory carbon emissions continued to drop in 2019, reaching single digits (9.79 kg CO2 per tonne) for the first time, a 51% drop from 2010 levels. 


These results make us even more confident about the precast sector’s commitment to become a Net Zero carbon sector by 2050. The UK precast sector’s sustainability report, Sustainability Matters 2020, can be found here